Three Ways To Leverage Social Media For Your Brand

Whether you have a personal brand or you are building a business, social media is a necessary component of your marketing strategy. Not only because it’s free but it allows you to control your narrative in ways that weren’t available in the past. Which is an amazing result of living in a time such as this. People know they need to be on social but they don’t necessarily know why or how to leverage it properly. The intended purpose for social media was for people to be social, not hard selling your products. Let’s be clear making sales from social is a benefit not the reason why you should be on social.

So let’s get into the three ways to leverage social media for your brand.


Gain Visibility

It’s safe to say social media has leveled the playing field when it comes to being visible for brands. If you are beginning stages of your brand, posting consistently on social will help you stand out from others.  Additionally, posting consistently will inform your potential customers that you are taking your brand seriously.

I’m guilty of this and I know you probably are too: When I meet someone, I immediately stalk peruse their social media to find out more about them, carefully scrolling so I don’t like a picture from January 2016. Customers are doing the same to your brand. If they don’t like what they see or even worse they cant see anything because your page is private or don’t have social, you might have lost a customer. Having active social media profiles makes your brand accessible to new customers and makes you more familiar to existing customers. Nichole Lynel and Swank Blue, both online boutiques, do an impressive job of being visible to new & existing customers by consistently posting engaging content.


Prioritize Engagement

Social media has become very noisy – filled with brands trying to sell, sell, sell their products. It’s become annoying because these brands are talking at the customer instead of with them. Consumers these days are more concerned with how a particular product will affect their lifestyle. They won’t buy a product just because. With this in mind, it’s important to engage with the potential customer by interacting with them.

This is the beauty of social media – you have the ability to interact and communicate directly with consumers. They will tell you what they want and how they want it. Be transparent and honest. If there is a problem, go to social media and admit it before the customer will. We are in a dragging culture so it’s important to make a statement before customers do.

One last thing – stop hiding behind social. Many people don’t want to be the face of their business. I never understand this because if you are collecting the coins, why not be proud and show your face. We don’t need a million selfies of you (unless you are showing off the product) but showing behind the scenes of you working the business is important. Making formal introduction once a month is good also. After all, people tend to business with people they like.


Provide Value

Sometimes we overcomplicate the value we provide to others. What others think as valuable, we tend to overlook. People tend to want simple questions answered i.e.5 ways to accessorize this belt from your collection or how much time will this save me as a result of this service. Simple questions. Posting useful consistent content will identify you as a leader and a trusted resource. People will always come to you because they know you give good information or advice.

Let me add this caveat: Don’t stop because people are following you at the rate you would like them to. Keep posting – you never know who is watching.

So there you have it. Three ways you can leverage social media. Questions? Disagreements? Let’s chat in the comments.