Three Components You Need to Successfully Launch Your Brand

A new year always brings fresh ideas and the desire to get ourselves in order. I mean we want to be prepared to receive all the blessings the new year has for us. Hello new year, new me. Lol. And this includes your business affairs. Many people are looking to A) rebrand their current business or B) launch a completely new brand. If you fall into one of these categories, then this post is for you. Here are three components you need to have to successfully launch your brand.

Three Components to Launch Your Brand - ALA

Clear Purpose + Vision

I spoke about this during the branding basics series last year. Before you start any business, you need to know your why. And your why cannot be money. Let me be clear money is not wrong but loving money can send you into a rabbit hole of despair. Additionally, no matter how much money you make, you still need to have a moral compass to guide you through your journey. Is your why to share your God-given gifts to the world? Is it to leave a legacy for your great-grandchildren? Is it to be an inspiration to people from your childhood neighborhood? Determine your why FIRST before you decide to do anything in business.

Then craft your vision for your brand. Vision is the ultimate destination. Where do you want to go and where do you want to take the brand? Once you are clear about purpose and vision, you can move on to the next step.

Custom Visual Identity

After you’ve identified your brand’s purpose and vision, then you can work with a designer to develop your brand’s identity. A designer will want to understand your brand’s purpose, vision and goals to accurately create visual branding items to represent your brand. Before I design any visual branding items for clients, I have them fill out a questionnaire to get a better understanding of their brand. Their answers help me tremendously to brainstorm what their visual identity should be.

Basic visual identity items you will need to launch your brand include a logo suite, website, social media graphic templates, business cards, high-resolution images. Other visual items may be specific to the type of business you have. For example, a service-based business may need a PowerPoint template for proposals and presentations or even a media kit that lists your capabilities, press and testimonials. You may need custom labels and packaging if you are a product based business. If you have a non-profit, you may need a branded sponsorship deck. Think about the different places where your customers, clients, sponsors will encounter your brand, have a designer create them and make sure it’s consistent.

Compose A Content Strategy

With your defined purpose and vision + banging visual identity, it’s time to figure out how to attract your target audience. In 2018, the best way to attract your target audience is to produce content. Before creating any type of content, be sure you know WHO you are talking to. Regina of has an incredible comprehensive worksheet to define your audience. Once you understand who your audience is, you can strategize how you will share your expertise with them. Will it be via a written blog, video, podcast? What will be the frequency? Every week? Once a month? Twice a month? What channels will you use? Email, social media, website? With a strategy in place, then you must execute it consistently.

These three components require quite a bit of time and energy but it will definitely set you apart of others in your industry. While all these things cannot be completed in a day or a week, set a deadline to have all these components completed. If you need help, shoot me an email – I'd be happy to help!