The One Thing You Should Consider Before Dating Seriously

I'm very traditional in my approach to dating. It's not for everybody and I understand that. I believe people should date with a purpose. The purpose being marriage. Not saying after one date, y'all need to get married. But after consistently dating one person, y'all need to be moving in a more serious direction. If you like to just casually date, again no shade to you; that's not my ministry. If you are dating to lead to marriage, here's one thing you should do before even considering allowing someone in your space.

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Moments after being embarrassed by my 'situationship' guy, I called my mentor to discuss that had transpired. She allowed me to word vomit all of my feelings and lick my wounds because honestly I had no business of being with him. Then she told me I needed to take a break from dating, do some soul searching and be honest about what truly wanted. I told her I eventually want to be married. She said, make a list of characteristics you would like your husband to posses. Not physical traits like height, size of his 🍆, etc. I laughed but days and weeks after that conversation, I came up with that list. Seen below.


It became my guide once I started dating in the new year. Seven months later, I met my husband and as we started getting serious, I was reminded of my list and he met EVERYTHING on my list. So ladies (and gentlemen), do some soul searching and create your list. Once you have your list, pray about it. Ask God to bring you the man (or woman) meets this criteria and wait on Him to work. Consider this list as the north star for your dating life and see how things change.