The Goal of Branding

I'm back with the second installment of Branding Basics. If you missed the first post of the series, check it out: Brand vs Branding.

Now that we've defined the difference between a brand and branding, let's get into the goal of branding. Branding is more than images or a website or a logo, even. Branding is about changing and/or keeping people's thoughts and opinions positive about your product, service or organization.

With that being said, the goal of branding is to build loyalty. 

If your customers think highly and positive about your brand, they will keep coming back. Even if they can't experience what you offer again, then they will at least tell their family and friends about it.


There are three customer behaviors that occur when you achieve the goal of branding:


People will go the distance to support your business. Literally. This is the same reason people will wait in line when the new Jordans or when the latest Apple device drop. Both Nike and Apple have developed recognizable branding that resonates with their customers, causing them to continue purchasing products no matter how expensive or long they have to wait.


Attracting the right employees and partners is a product of good (and bad) branding. People are more than willing to work for a company like Google. With free lunch, onsite daycare and many other amenities, Google doesn't have a problem with attracting talent because they have positioned themselves as one of the best. In contrast, when companies have a bad reputation, finding quality candidates become a challenge because no one wants to work for them.


With loyal customers, a business' marketing tends to have a higher impact with their audience. Meaning they might not have to invest as much effort because the business has invested enough in building their customer base. On a larger scale, I think about Beyonce. I hardly see much marketing from her team once she drops a new album because the Beyhive is LOYAL! On a smaller scale (in comparison), CurlBox is an amazing subscription service for women with naturally curly hair who continues to sell out every time their list opens for new subscribers because people are trying to get their hands on these boxes.

The Goal of Branding.jpg


But how, you may ask? How does one build loyalty among your business' audience?
Focus on service, rather than selling. Share how this product, service and/or organization will provide value. Myleik Teele, says she started CurlBox because she felt like there was no central place for women of color to experience quality hair products. Her recipe of convenience, affordability, quality, servicing a target audience with a large buying power is why continues to lead to her success.

You ever get approached by those guys in the mall at a kiosk and trying to sell you their products. They never lead with how their products will help you. It's always about them telling you need to buy the products. Don't be like the mall kiosk guys. Lead with value and watch your loyal customers follow.

Ashlee Ansah