The Easiest Three Step Facial Regimen

Lately I've been getting quite a few compliments on my skin, people are asking what products I use and what is my regimen. While it's partly hereditary (my parents have impeccable skin), I try to maintain a somewhat strict regimen with quality products. Having a regimen with crappy products will get you slow results or any at all. Quality products make a world of difference. Let's get into the regimen, shall we?


Skinscript Raspberry Refining Facial Cleanser

Believe or not, I only cleanse my face once a day and that's typically at night. In the morning, I will typically rinse my face with cool water. Cleansing my face at night washes away any dirt my face has collected during the day. If I’m wearing makeup that day, I will use these makeup wipes before I use my cleanser.

This cleanser from my esthetician is wonderful and cleans my face without stripping my face. Another thing I love about this product is you only need a pea sized amount per usage, which means it lasts forever. I think I buy a cleanser once a quarter.


Botanics and Mario Badescu Toners

After I rinse or cleanse my face, I will soak a cotton pad either of these toners. Toners typically are used to get any dirt that your cleanser missed. I use the Botanics in the morning because it mattifies my skin  – I'm a grease ball. I use the Mario Badescu toner at night to calm my skin.


Facial Moisturizers

After I tone, I moisturize. If you take nothing from this regimen, take this: YOU MUST WEAR SUNSCREEN EVERY DAY. I know my brothers and sisters with melanin don't think so but sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful sunrays. I use my sunscreen before I leave the house In the evening, I use the Aloe Moisturizer in the warmer season because it's lighter in texture. In the colder months, I use the Facial Oil or the Cacteen Moisturizer.


Botanics Facial Scrub and Clarifying Camphor Masque

Exfoliating is completely optional but it is totally recommended. If you are a beginner at this facial regimen, then get consistent with the three steps above then add this step. I am a firm believer of being good at one thing then add more. #Message

Two to three times a week, I will use the Botanics Scrub to remove all the dead skin from my face. I typically use the scrub after I cleanse. Once a week, I will mask for a deep pore cleanse. Honestly I don't mask as I often as I should because I am too impatient to wait for the mask to dry.

This is my three step facial regimen. I don't have time to be using fifty million products and having a bajillion steps. Nobody got time for that! I typically purchase my products from my esthetician but the Botanics and Mario Badescu products can be purchased at Ulta!

You have to switch your products based on the season just like your clothes. You need a heavier moisturizer in the winter vs lighter one in the summer. You may use a more clarifying cleanser in the summer because you sweat more versus in the winter.

I would recommend working with an esthetician to get started. Most estheticians offer consultations where they can recommend products and tools for your skin. My AMAZING esthetician, Allison, is always accepting new clients – check her out at Tell her that Ashleé sent you!