The Difference Between Brand and Branding

Hey y'all! It's been awhile but I am excited to be posting new content on the blog again. I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce a juicy series called Branding Basics. I'll be talking all things branding - the goal, the elements of branding strategy, and how to implement your own branding strategy. We're going to get down to the nitty gritty!

GIF: Giphy

GIF: Giphy

Let's kick off the series by laying the foundation of what a brand is and what branding is. Often times I hear brand and branding used interchangeably and I want to clear the air because there's a slight difference between the two.

A brand is a person's feelings or thoughts about your product, service or organization. Branding is attempting to change a person's feelings or thoughts about your product, service or organization.

With that understanding, it can be difficult to own your brand because it's based on other people's feelings. But guess what you can own? Your branding.

Let's take, Uber, for example. Their unethical business practices have led to diminishing sales and loss of customers. They've made a step in the right direction by hiring Queen Bozoma Saint John as their Chief Brand Officer. I'm hopeful things will turn around but it will be a slow process of building and executing a compelling branding strategy to change their brand.

You may then ask, well how am I supposed to build a brand if I don't own it. The answer: Brainstorm the feelings you want customers to have when interacting with your product/service/organization. From there, you can begin to build relationships with your customers because you are clear what you want them to feel.

Hope you enjoyed this first post of the series! Let me know in the comments what feelings you want to evoke from your customers.