Three Ways To Leverage Social Media For Your Brand

Whether you have a personal brand or you are building a business, social media is a necessary component of your marketing strategy. Not only because it’s free but it allows you to control your narrative in ways that weren’t available in the past. Which is an amazing result of living in a time such as this. People know they need to be on social but they don’t necessarily know why or how to leverage it properly. The intended purpose for social media was for people to be social, not hard selling your products. Let’s be clear making sales from social is a benefit not the reason why you should be on social.

So let’s get into the three ways to leverage social media for your brand.

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The Easiest Three Step Facial Regimen

Lately I've been getting quite a few compliments on my skin, people are asking what products I use and what is my regimen. While it's partly hereditary (my parents have impeccable skin), I try to maintain a somewhat strict regimen with quality products. Having a regimen with crappy products will get you slow results or any at all. Quality products make a world of difference. Let's get into the regimen, shall we?

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Three Components You Need to Successfully Launch Your Brand

A new year always brings fresh ideas and the desire to get ourselves in order. I mean we want to be prepared to receive all the blessings the new year has for us. Hello new year, new me. Lol. And this includes your business affairs. Many people are looking to A) rebrand their current business or B) launch a completely new brand. If you fall into one of these categories, then this post is for you. Here are three components you need to have to successfully launch your brand.

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